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so after 3 or 2 years of artwork/fanart piles up. And are printer is slow and sense my family doesn't use it that much we never got a new one. And I've had enough. so I took pictures of my art work. I'm going to post them propyl  not in order and if my spilling is wrong pleas don't jug me I am not a good speller. lol it kind funny I have a good friend that cant stop writing and I cant stop drawing or taking pictures. I helped  draw a carter that she's writing about in her book that she is curtly writing. I also have lots of ideas in my head. But my hand writing/reading are not that good and I'm a slow writer. besides my art is a little dark I like to think that my fevered  carters in moves/tv are in involved with the government  some how like amy rose I lick to think she's a spy/slave/worker at G.U.N and girl Rin AKK rin from blue exorcist is a slave to this secret government that is doing illegal test on demines and other spirits/supernatural things. same goes with the others of my favorite carters. so some of them  escape from there prison by doing this they Lois there memory's of who they are the only thing they remember is there names well some what of there names they are eventually are fond by others people that work for other governments and are turned  in to strong, smart, fast, and brave worries. there  friend/family do eventually find them and tray to bring them home but that deist  go over so well. I don't now if I'm going to let them remember who they used to be. because I like them this way strong independent warriors beside if they do remember I don't think they wont to go back there propyl used this life by now if they show emotion of love they cued get there love ones killed or them self's. and beside if there love one find out about what they did and what they gone through there love one would never see them the same way again. It took my 45m to write, spell check, and spell check a gain. and I propyl got some spelling mistakes.  
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March 8, 2015


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